Hey y’all, Kait Nolan here!  Welcome to my world of books, bites, and general insanity.

Where to Start


pot tinyFor anybody looking for help with how to feed someone with a gluten or dairy allergy, try my cookbook, HELP!  Food Allergies Coming To Dinner! (available in ebook and print) or check out my recipes here on the blog.


If you’re new to my work, I’ve got a little bit of romance for everyone.  If you’re wondering about reading order or looking for a full book list, you can find that here.

k3891604 For a quick, sweet read, try my Meet Cute Series, which starts with Once Upon A Snow Dayor go for a two-fer with my Wishful/Meet Cute crossover Once Upon A Coffeecurrently free everywhere ebooks are sold.


For the contemporary lover, try my Wishful series, which starts with To Get Me To You.  Try it for FREE! My Wishful/Meet Cute Crossover Once Upon A Coffee, is a prequel and is also free everywhere ebooks are sold.


For the action lover, try my paranormal romance Mirus series, which starts with Genesis.  You can also try my short story Blindsight or read the serialization of Forsaken By Shadow for free.

k3891604For teens (or the young at heart!), try my standalone paranormal YA romance, Red.

If you’ve already read all my work, you can check out the stuff that I love to read over at Goodreads!

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Pinch Hitter Cover

 Coming Soon (August 14)

Pre-order yours for the introductory price of $2.99 (goes up to regular price of $4.99 on release)!