Couples By Series (AKA The Order)


  1. Dillon Lange and Avery Cahill: Once Upon A Coffee
  2. Cam Crawford and Norah Burke: To Get Me To You
  3. Brody Jensen and Tyler Edison: Be Careful It's My Heart
  4. Liam Montgomery and Riley Gower: Know Me Well
  5. Myles Stewart and Piper Parish: Once Upon a Setup and Just For This Moment
  6. Reed Campbell and Cecily Dixon: Wish I Might
  7. Tucker McGee and Corinne Dawson: Turn My World Around
  8. Jace Applewhite and Tara Honeycutt: Dance Me A Dream
  9. Gerald "Trey" Peyton, III and Sandy Crawford: See You Again

Wishing For A Hero

  1. Judd Hamilton and Autumn Buchanan: If I Didn't Care

The Misfit Inn

  1. Kennedy Reynolds and Xander Kincaid: When You Got A Good Thing
  2. Misty Pennebaker and Denver Hershal: Once Upon A Wedding
  3. Pru Reynolds and Flynn Bohannon: Those Sweet Words

Camp Firefly Falls

  1. Sarah Meadows and Beckett Hayes: Once Upon A Campfire
  2. Audrey Graham and Hudson Lowell: Second Chance Summer

Meet Cute Romance

  1. Brandon and Isabelle: Once Upon A Snow Day
  2. Aaron and Gemma: Once Upon A New Year's Eve
  3. Everett and Sylvie: Once Upon An Heirloom
  4. Dillon and Avery: Once Upon A Coffee (A Wishful Crossover)
  5. Myles and Piper: Once Upon A Setup (A Wishful Crossover)
  6. Beckett and Sarah: Once Upon A Campfire (A Camp Firefly Falls Crossover)
  7. Misty and Denver: Once Upon A Wedding (A Misfit Inn Crossover)


  1. Gage and Embry: Forsaken By Shadow (also in Genesis)
  2. Mick and Sophie: Devil's Eye (also in Genesis)
  3. Ransom and Isla: Blindsight (also in Genesis)
  4. Ian and Marley: Riven


  1. Sawyer and Elodie: Red