Daily Progress Report

Yes I am a bad writer…did not write a word yesterday.  <slaps hand> Bad girl!  I’m currently visiting my mother for Mother’s Day, and I did, in fact, spend MOST of my afternoon doing things for her (tucked up under her sink replacing the kitchen faucet, installing a new  system of satellite phones, etc.).  So I feel like I’m somewhat off the hook.  I don’t know how much I will get done today either until I get home, at which point I must tackle irritating things like the Sisyphian tasks of housework and grocery shopping.  So perhaps no one should expect anything until tomorrow–then maybe I will surprise myself.

One thought on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Good daughter, good plumber, good attic cleaner-outer, good yard sale organizer, good merchandise pricer, bad writer. Can’t do everything.

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