So Pot and I have been prowling the web looking for more writer’s blogs to peruse. We came across one by Paperback Writer, which had a fabulous list of links, among them links for Seventh Sanctum and Serendipity which contain a wonderful assortment of random generators. Ohmylord they are so much fun. We’ve been screwing around with a story about Carole Nason, who has frizzy mouse-colored hair and hazel eyes. She is a professed nun given to drinking, who can be recognized by her blunt, heavy features. She is a distant cousin of Combeferre. She frequents The Swindlers Inn. There’s a TAVERN NAME GENERATOR! Can you believe it! Pot has instantly reminded me that I have 35 WIPs and do not need to begin any new stories. Yes, yes, I know, but my heroes and heroines must have friends and family and enemies. If nothing else it’s a fun way to waste a little time and perhaps break through a bout of writer’s block. There are also several random name generators, which will be a great way to break me of my habitual reliance on Scots/Irish names (just because I like them). So thank you Paperback Writer for your fabulous collection of writing links!

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