Panacea For All Ills

Today has evolved into a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Reminds self “Self, thou shalt not bitch and moan on public writer’s blog for all to see.”  So I will refrain from getting into the nitty gritty details involving domestic spousal irritation, total lack of personal brain function, and crappy weather.  Suffice it to say I was in a Mood by the time job number one ended.  I ran home to make tea, as I was absolutely going to require caffeine to stay awake for my shift tonight.   And when I got home, lo and behold was Lynn Viehl’s goody box!  Books!  Books!  Goodies!  More books!  My little bibliophile’s heart just went thud thud thump!  Yes, those fevered hazel eyes are mine.  So I’m back at work now, happily sipping a fabulous mug of golden gunpowder black tea and about to start High Noon.  My attitude has done a total 180.  This just goes to show that, for me at least, books and tea are the panacea for all ills.  Happy sigh.  So here is The Plan.   I have work until 9:30 tonight.  As there’s not much going on, that means pretty well uninterrupted reading time (the joys of being supervisor instead of lower on the totem pole) between now and 9:30.  I will then proceed home where I will re-immerse myself in the pages of sweltering Savannah until 11:45, at which time I will head to Wal-mart to pick up the latest Harry Potter.  As I read like a freaking maniac, I expect to be finished or near finished with High Noon at this point.  If I’m not finished, it will go with me in the car to my mother’s tomorrow (hubby will drive) and I’ll have about an hour each way in which to knock it out.  Then it’s on to Harry Potter.  I am requiring myself to write at least my minimum word count per day rather than totally welsh on it to feed the Muse.  Not sure how I’ll work my daily words around our trip to mom’s tomorrow, but I’ll figure it out.  I stuck with it today anyway.

Today’s Daily Progress Report

HOC: 515

Daily Goal: Met

I’m off for a much needed dose of Nora.

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