Daily Progress Report

HOC: 695

Daily Goal: Met

Well, I have received further incontrovertible proof that I am a complete and total geek.  I got way too into all this research about the psychological profile of an assassin today.  I finally found the assassin typology for my bad guy and was ecstatic.  The end result was good–I finished the scene in which they discuss the profile of our bad guy, which Pot helped me clarify out of my natural academicese and into language non-psych-geeks can understand.  Thank you, Pot.  I’m down to less than 6k to go (until 100k), and I’ve got only the final confrontation and resolution go write.  No more holes to fill.  Yay!  I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have some consistency issues to deal with when I go through with the final read-through–blech–but those can and will be dealt with.  The important part is that this draft is nearly FINISHED!

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