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Daily Goal: Met

Today was just a miracle.  I was crazy busy at work, away from my computer most of the day, so I didn’t get a word written until lunch, then churned out about 700 words in 40 minutes at the end of my work day.  Today’s my father in law’s birthday, so we had family birthday party tonight.  I wound up getting in another 350 or so words before we left for that.  I may cut the last paragraph, but that’s okay.  The scene is moving forward.  I’m spending more time in the hero’s head than I normally do, so that’s been interesting.  He’s been clearer to me from the beginning than Marin.  I’m eager to jump forward to the first kiss because that’s when things get interesting.  Right now the heroine is so focused on making her business work and the hero is attracted but considers her hands off.  It’s not til he makes the decision to pursue and gives her that toe curling kiss that it even really occurs to her to look at him like that and then look out buddy!  But I’ve still got some groundwork to lay first.  Still, movin’ right along.

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