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Today was CRAZY.  We had electricians here changing out our ancient creepy fuse panel to a circuit breaker in preparation for a new heat pump.   Work was nothing but meetings ALL DAY.  And hubby has a cracked tooth and has been in excruciating pain all day.  Dentist tomorrow at 8.  He took a tylenol with codeine courtesy of his mom, who had a root canal last year, and passed out.  So in the hour and fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time I got after that, I churned out today’s scene, which turned out pretty well.  It was a scene I’d been wanting to write, so it came pretty easily.  Carter, the heroine’s brother, came up and made his business proposal to Marin and then had his hissy fit when he found out about her hiring a PI (Wyatt).  He’s going to be warning Wyatt off his sister tomorrow, I think.  And in the very near future, we get the first kiss, which I’ve been dying to write!  Maybe another few days.  On Friday we leave for Texas to visit friends and then my grandmother.  That’s through Monday, so I’m not sure how much I will get written during that time period.  I’ll write like a maniac Friday morning before we leave, and then fit in snips wherever I can while we’re there, but I don’t figure I will make my weekly goal.  Unless I write my butt off between now and Friday.  Hmm.  I’ve got 6351 left for the week, which means I’d need to churn out…1587 a day including Friday in order to make it before I leave.  Well that’s only 400 more than I wrote today.  I mostly know where I’m going with the story this week, so I think that’s doable.  We’ll see if I make it.  Ooh, hey!  Maybe I’ll get to the first kiss in time for WIP Clip Wednesday!  I can hope.

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