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Today’s clip is from yesterday’s work on Til Death. Wyatt has asked Marin out on a non-date to the restaurant where her best friend Tate is chef. Tate’s just given her the “meet me in the bathroom” signal.

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Marin finished her glass of wine then excused herself and headed for the ladies’ room.

Tate waited until the older woman finished powdering her nose and exited the restroom to pounce. “Okay, dish woman. You’re here on a date with your PI?”

“It’s not a date,” said Marin.

“Uh, hello. Exhibit A:[name of restaurant]. Premier special occasion, date, and anniversary spot in town. Exhibit B,” she gestured to Marin’s attire. “The little black date dress I haven’t seen you wear once since I talked you into buying it. And the heels that show off your legs. Exhibit C: he’s holding your hand and giving you soulful looks across the table. What is up?”

Marin snorted. “Wyatt doesn’t do soulful looks. And it’s not supposed to be a date. He asked me out one friend to another to try to get me to relax. He suggested here because it’s your place, not because it’s snazzy date material. I’m the one who warned him to wear a suit.”

“And you’re wearing the little black dress because…”

“Because the man stood in my kitchen Sunday morning and gave me the best damn kiss of my life, then tried to take it back.”

“He did what in my kitchen?”

Marin briefly explained Miss Ada’s confusion and how that had led to Wyatt’s kiss and his asinine insistence on professionalism afterward.

“Okay,” Tate summarized, “so the dress is a combination of gratification to your wounded ego and showing him what he’s missing?”

“In a nutshell. I’m attracted to him, Tate. Outrageously attracted. And evidence suggests that he is too.” She thought fleetingly of the night before. “I don’t understand why he won’t do something about it.”

“Because men are notoriously slow. Why don’t you do something about it?”

“Such as?”

“I’m not suggesting you tumble into bed with him—although if that’s what floats your boat, he’s sexy as hell—“

“If you’re into brooding hottie thing.”

“Which you are, so go for it. Tell him you’re interested. Flat out. In short, simple words he can’t misunderstand.”

“Don’t you have to go flambé something?” asked Marin.

“I’m going to flambé your rear end if you don’t follow through on this. He’s the first guy you’ve been interested in since Dennis.”

“You need not remind me of my asshole ex-boyfriend, thanks. I gotta get back.”

“I mean it, Marin. Be honest. Wyatt’s not the kinda guy who’d appreciate coy.”

“Blunt instrument over the head. Got it. You know you might take your own advice one day about a certain carpenter…”

“You keep that up, I’m coming after you with my crème brulee torch.”

“Promises, promises,” sang Marin as she let the bathroom door swing shut behind her.

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4 thoughts on “WIP Clip Wednesday

  1. I like it! It’s great back-and-forth!


    It’s great back-and-forth. What’s its purpose in the story? What’s the conflict in this scene? Or, is this just a beat of a larger scene in which something does happen? 🙂

    I ask only because I have a bad habit of writing banter or argument that doesn’t push the story forward.

  2. This is just a snip of a much larger scene. It fits in context there, but the whole thing was too long to post, and I thought this was fun.

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