Balancing Act

I didn’t write a word today.  And I’m okay with that.  My life has gotten out of balance and the stress has just started to get to me.  One of those stresses went away today.  My in laws were finally ready to take the puppy home for good today.  A name was decided on (Teal’c, after my FIL’s favorite character from Stargate SG1–it’s a name he’ll grow into).  Hubby is now in mourning.  He was hoping to keep the puppy himself.  Tonight I am going to get my first night of uninterrupted sleep in a week.  Thank God.  Of course, with my luck, my husband will probably snore like a buzzsaw tonight.  I’m so tired I don’t think it will matter.  I want twelve straight hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I might even go to bed early.

I’ve been catching up on things since the rugrat hasn’t been underfoot. I caught up on all my backlog of TV shows (Men In Trees, Women’s Murder Club [which I really really love…the interplay between the characters is awesome], Ugly Betty).  Got all the bills paid and the backlog of mail dealt with and sorted through.  I made the dressin’ for Thanksgiving.  Baked up a batch of lemon poppyseed scones.  Batch cooked some black beans.  Made some taco soup.  Did all the dishes and did a massive cleaning of the house, except for the floors.  Did three loads of laundry.  Getting rid of some of the chaos is helping my frame of mind.  I read or heard somewhere once that the state of one’s home reflects the state of one’s mind.  That’s certainly true for me.  I’m a compulsive organizer, which is difficult when you live with someone who is..well let’s be honest…a slob.  So that’s one more thing that’s off my stress list (for a day or two anyway).  The semester ends at the end of this month.  Grades are due December 1st and after that I feel like I will be able to get back to really writing. So for me, December 1st will be the beginning of my own 45 days of sweat I suppose.

In the mean time I am going to take it easy, try to simplify everything that I can and do some literal and mental yoga.  My life has been out of balance and it’s starting to take its toll.  Recharge on some good mysteries and Lawrence Block and let my brain work on my revised plot.  Some things are beginning to fall into place.  Today I figured out the set up of how and why the hero gets under the same roof as the heroine (since my original plan would no longer work).  I figure the best thing for what my grad school classmates and I used to refer to as “brain fag” (which, ironically enough, is considered a culturally based clinical disorder–we thought it was silly as any grad student has it), is just like a cold.  Rest and relaxation.  And maybe some therapeutic hot chocolate in my favorite snowman mug.

One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. I always feel better when laundry is done and the house is clean. I’d never be able to write if I had household stuff to do…it would be too distracting in my brain. Good thing I’m not a writer, huh?

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