Daily Progress Report

Untitled WIP: 425

Daily Goal: Not met

I did, however, FINALLY make the euro shams for our bed, stain the knife block, paint the spice rack, mount the paper towel holder (FINALLY), and get a few other various and sundry projects off my plate, all while watching Ole Miss beat the crap out of Mississippi State, only to give it up in the last 7 minutes of the 4th quarter to lose it 17 to 14 after a beautiful 76 yard touchdown by MSU, followed by a field goal in the last 20 seconds. Hey, I’m a winner either way. Cradle Rebel (4th generation), and adopted Dawg (from grad school). The Rebs have had a lousy season, so I was glad to see the Dawgs win today. Just don’t tell my grandfather or my dad… It was a therapeutic sort of day. I was in a funk all yesterday and there was an incident with the turkey that led me to buying another turkey today, which I will roast tomorrow to have with my leftovers. The house is well on its way to getting clean (hubby still must dust mop, and I’ll need to pick up my various projects), which is always a great thing for my state of mind. Still I’ve got 3278 to go for the week to make my goal. I’ve got a big long stretch of time tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll pull it off. In the meantime–BED!

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