A Working Title At Last!

Okay so it’s kinda hokey, but I’ve been listening to Christmas music for the last three days and slowly being infected with holiday spirit.  I’ve also got quite a yen for cable Christmas specials.  So anyway, the untitled Christmas project now has a working title: A Home For The Holidays.  See, told you.  Cheesy.  But I’ve got holiday tunes queued up on the satellite, a fresh turkey in the oven (we won’t talk about the incident with the one at Thanksgiving…suffice it to say we needed a new one), and a strong desire to decorate.  Can’t get the stuff out of the attic without hubby’s help though, and he’s at work.  Plus I discovered today that EVERYTHING is buried under insulation since the men who installed our new heat pump system didn’t bother to mention “you might want to move your stuff”.  Grr.  Plus it’s gray and rainy and my dogs are having hissy fits.  A title may be all I wind up with today.  At least it’s something.

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