Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 1103

Daily Goal: Met

Well we met our hero today.  Got a bit of backstory on him, saw some of his relationship with his grandmother, and set things up to get him under the same roof as the heroine (whom he is expecting to be a woman about his grandmother’s age or a little younger).  Poor man.  Doesn’t realize he’s being set up.  Again… Nanna keeps trying to marry him off.  I’m really pleased to be back on this book.  I was cranky to have to leave it for a while.  I don’t know if I will catch back up by the end of the sweat (totally not holding my breath…no way I’m going to get time enough away from family during the whole insane month of December to make that kind of progress), but I’ll stick to my daily goal and whatever I get done is progress.

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