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Well I was talking to Pot this morning about being back at work on this particular WIP.  I feel easier with my hero and heroine this go round.  They aren’t quite how I originally envisioned them, but I’m okay with that.  I feel like I know them better, so that 125 pages I axed wasn’t a total loss.  It was more like a 29k character sketch…  😀  God, that sounds terrible.  But knowing my characters better will make it easier to write stuff that’s less crap on the front end.  My hero is now less of a sexy curmudgeon than he was initially.  I’ve taken away a lot of the reasons he was cranky before.  And I’ve also eliminated his reasons for not pursuing the heroine, whom he’s interested in from the get go.  Which means I can now indulge in a lot of scenes with him flustering her, which he and I both find very amusing.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the first kiss the way I had it before or not.  We shall see.   Tomorrow’s project is the first ghosty stuff.  Then I’ve got to figure out what happens next and how things play out since the body hasn’t been discovered yet.  I should probably do something with my bad guy.  I’m debating at this point how I want to deal with him.  I know I’m going to have some scenes in his POV.  What I don’t know is if the reader is going to know pretty well from the get go that he’s a bad dude and be freaking out with all the interaction the heroine is having with him in a sort of 50s horror movie “No!  Don’t open the door!” sort of way or if I’m going to introduce some other characters to cloud up who he is.  Anyway, it was a nice, productive day.

In other news, I’ve been getting quite a few searches lately for WIP Clip Wednesday. Pot and I sort of let it fizzle out because only one other person besides us was doing it, and we all got busy.  But I am thinking I will give it another try and post something this week.  We’ll see.  Anybody out there interested?

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