Daily Progress Report

You know that quote–I forget who it’s by, but the one about how writing it easy, you just open up a vein?  For the last several days I feel like I couldn’t find the vein to stick!  I don’t know how many words I wrote and rejected today.  A lot.  So my word goal is mostly out the window for the day.  My real goal was to get through this love scene.  This is the end of day 3 working on it.  Some of it I’m happy with; some of it I’m not.  Pot will no doubt bring down the Pink Hammer of Doom (meaning she will kindly point out all the stuff that doesn’t work or rings hollow), but I at least made it to the END.  Tomorrow I deal with the afterward and that I can do.  God, I’m so ready to get back to my serial killer…he’s so much easier to deal with.  So yeah anyway, that daily goal is met.  Thank the Lord.

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