Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1427

Daily Goal: Met

This is one of those tell, don’t show scenes, I’ve been working on.  There’s a lot of tedious police work getting done in this 3 or 4 hours span by a lot of people–I just summarized it in a couple of pages and am setting the stage for the next bit of action.  I know that most of the time you’re supposed to show rather than tell, but SOMETIMES it’s better to tell to get through the not interesting stuff.   Anyway, tomorrow’s challenge is going to be to get through this next little internal bit with Collin.  He’s watching Kensie go over the profile again (another summary as we’ve already heard that) and is juggling thoughts between the case and the fact that five hours ago, his life actually looked like maybe it would get back on track (that kiss, remember?).  Hard to strike a balance.  We’ll see.  Anyway, time for bed.

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