Lack of Progress Report

I haven’t written a word.  I’m going to be crazy busy with work the next two weeks catching up on stuff, so I’m not going to push myself.  We’ll call it a catch up, refill the well, recharge, and marinating period.  DH and I have been watching a whole bunch of NCIS episodes, which usually get me in the mode for investigation thoughts.  I’ve also been dipping into Practical Homicide Investigation and doing some general thought on the Black Moment and exactly what sort of stuff will happen in the latter half of my book.  I thought of a few things, but mostly it’s more questions.  Blah.  I also left out in the middle of that love scene (which isn’t half bad) but my head is so not into finishing it.  So yeah, obviously I won’t be finishing the Sweat on time.  If I can get back on track and figure out the remainder of my PLOT by the end of it, I will be most happy.

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