Aaaah, Sated….For Now…

So as I said in the update to my previous post, I finally got ahold of The Hollow before lunch. And I finished about 20 minutes ago (prior to dishes and bedtime routine). Happy, Kettle! Looks like I’m getting to bed at a moderately reasonable hour (considering that I was fully prepared to be up until 2 or later). And I’m juiced! I’m feeling inspired and ready to write. Not happening tonight (do need to actually sleep), but I’m hoping the mood will carry over into tomorrow. I’ll be pouting in a day or two that I have to wait until December for the conclusion of this trilogy. I’m enjoying it. I usually do with Nora’s books. She hits all the high points with me–great friendships between women, big messy families, appealing dogs, romance, and (frequently) a dash (or more) of the supernatural. I’m about to pass out sleepy, so I’m not going to formally review (as I don’t do that), but it was an enjoyable read with an engaging hero and heroine. Go check it out.

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