Okay, I have been anticipating the release of The Hollow since I finished Blood Brothers last November. I had a countdown to May 6th, the official release date. I got up early to go buy it this morning before work. I hit Kroger first because, hey, I needed sour cream. They didn’t have it. Um, okay. Maybe they’re behind stocking their shelves? So I hit Walmart. They didn’t have it. WTF? We’re talking about NORA. A woman whose books tend to premier on, and usually at the TOP of the Best Seller List. And two major stores don’t HAVE it on RELEASE DAY? I want my book, damn it! If it is released May 6th, it should be available for purchase as soon as doors OPEN on May 6th. (Or actually I would have been perfectly content if they put them out yesterday like they did for Harry Potter). But this is unacceptable! It doesn’t MATTER that I don’t have time to read before lunch at the earliest and that I don’t dare bring said book to work because it will completely obliterate my productivity for the day. I wanted it THERE when I went home for lunch! So that I could eek out and plow through as much book as possible in 50 minutes. This is just NOT COOL. Will keep you posted.

And I still didn’t get my sour cream.

And crap, I just realized that Katie MacAlister’s latest, Playing With Fire, released today too! So many books, so little time…

Update–10:50 am:  Just returned from B and N over on campus.  They only had 4 copies.  What’s up with that?  FOUR?  Of a brand new Nora?  I swallowed the bile at paying full retail (which I NEVER do for books, as I’m on a budget and can buy more if I go with used and sale) and decided that it would wind up costing me that much in gas if I went back to Walmart later.  I’m electing to wait on Playing With Fire until I can get it used.  Which blows, but I have to exercise self restraint somewhere.

One thought on “Gripes

  1. Well that sucks, especially for stores that do as much night-time and early morning stocking as Walmart and Kroger. I would be especially irritated to find that they got box-out displays and all the had to do was open it up and set it on its cardboard stand.

    And really, Walmart and Kroger it is here, since we don’t have a bookstore in town and it’s 20-30 miles to get one.

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