Daily Progress Report

It was another plotting day. I made it through another 8 scenes–a whole lot of development of early relationship stuff, several scenes in my hero’s head. That puts me at 21 scenes mapped out in a fair amount of detail–above and beyond what I normally do. Got through the first kiss, and set up for the first date (the former happens before the latter). I also finished reading The Program. I consider it a good day. Tomorrow I need to do some more work on some other subplots. Who knows, maybe I’ll wind up actually getting the whole thing thought out and plotted!

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Hehe! I love the picture of The Brain… is he helping you to plot your novel? Hmmm. No, what you’ve mentioned doesn’t have nearly enough taking over the world theme for Brain to be helping. Hope it continues to go well!

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