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AW: 480 words + plotting

Daily Goal: met

I did all my set up in Storybook tonight, entering all my characters, locations, and plot threads.  Then did a little more work on the wedding scene that brings Kensie back to Lawley.  And I will admit it.  Yes, I really did create a love interest for the heroine’s DOG today.  She can’t very well take Samson to crime scenes, so Collin (who has a fenced in yard) suggests that she leave him out there to hang out with Layla.   Except that Kensie doesn’t know that Layla is a dog and she says “I’m not saddling your wife with my dog.”  And Collin looks sort of puzzled for a second then totally cracks up laughing.  “You think Layla’s my wife? And where do you suppose I picked her up?  Claptonfest 2002?  Layla’s my dog.”  Anyway, it’s a good way to continue to throw Collin and Kensie together even when she keeps trying to avoid it.  Because Layla and Samson totally fall for each other.  I know, I’m hopeless.

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