Daily Progress Report

AW: 263

Daily Goal: Not Met

So I had grand intentions of writing a lot this afternoon.  Pot and I did some chatting this morning and agreed that while what I wrote earlier this week wasn’t BAD, it simply doesn’t snare either of us.  It’s not gripping from the first page, which might not be a problem if it wasn’t romantic suspense, but it is, hence, this week’s work up ’til today got scrapped.  We’ll chalk it up to an exercise in getting my head back in these characters and their story.

Today I wound up writing a brief (obviously) prologue in my killer’s head as he sets up a tableau for the heroine with the first victim’s body.  The finding of the body is the first really interesting thing that happens in my plot (at least my originally planned plot), so why not start just before that, right?  I actually know what happens after this, but my afternoon got taken up with a Benedryl coma (having some massive allergy issues today–not sure why)–you know, one of those 3 hour naps that leave you groggy the rest of the day?  So that’s left me a bit fuzzy brained and not quite where I need to be to write.  Tomorrow…

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