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Okay, so I was a little shy of where I wanted to be today, though I have some overage from yesterday.  I had anticipated getting started on the love scene this evening, but Pot pointed out some AYKB issues with the beginning of their conversation (AYKB= as you know, Bob), so I wound up fleshing out the scene a bit more to correct those.  And then re-reading it I didn’t actually believe that she was into the idea of a love scene.  There wasn’t the necessary emotional lead up.  And as proper portrayal of emotion is something I’ve vowed to work on, I did some work tonight on beefing up and fleshing out where her head is during this conversation.  So while I didn’t get as many words as I would like, I do think I set up for the love scene that’s coming up in the next chapter.  I believe her now.  It may not be glorious and fantastic, but I think it’s an improvement, so maybe I’ve learned something.

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