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Weekly Goal: Not met

I had grand intentions of writing today.  That was when I thought DH had band practice as usual and before the shed.  Yes, the shed.  The 4×7 lean-to style metal shed that I bought from Lowe’s last SEPTEMBER that we only got around to putting up today.  Why, you may ask?  Because we bought it, it rained, and then in October DH got put on the graveyard shift, which blew productivity for about 7 months.  Then it rained every freaking weekend all spring.  Then it got hot.  Which left us assembling it today.  When it was 99 outside with a heat index of 112.  It’s not finished yet.  We started at 7:45 this morning and at 3:45, when I was about to pass out from heat stroke, we called it a day.  It’s about 90% done.  We’ve still got the cap piece and corner pieces and the doors to put together.  But that can wait for another day.  So yeah, the only writing I did was a scathing product review on the Lowe’s website.  Why?  Poor quality product for one.  And that aside, really really crappy instructions.  You know the type.  Where they try to put everything in pictures for the illiterate and screw it up so badly that neither the literate or the illiterate can understand them?  I’m too tired for anything else.  Hopefully I’ll get back into things tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. I guess we all have days like this. The one thing I’ve noticed from reading your blog, however, is that when you do have days like this (where little or no writing gets done), you are back at it within a short period of time. Hang in there, and try not to fret too much. You’ll be back to writing in no time :o).

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Shelley. 🙂 I should have known better than to choose my hell week to up my writing goal (though this week I didn’t even make the previous goal. So I think I’ll probably revert back to 3.5k until next week when annual training is over. Joy.

  3. Wow – that sounds really frustrating. I know I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for a while, but I’m back. Hope tomorrow’s writing goals go better for you – good luck with the writing and the shed XD

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