Daily Progress Report

Friday and Saturday: Nada

Was tied up with the conference for work, and as I was presenting both days, I didn’t have the leisure to write while other people were boring me senseless. I did do a bit of planning for the next couple of scenes, so I simply need the time and brain to focus. With luck I will get that tomorrow. With a ginormous cuppa tea. I haven’t had any in two days since hotels only provide coffee. I do miss that about living in Britain where tea is the norm and they know how to prepare it properly. I did actually take all my gear, but it does me no good when there wasn’t enough sweetener and there was nothing but coffeemate and no minifridge for my half and half. Yes, I know, I’m a tea snob. I’m a devout shopper at SpecialTeas.com. But I digress.  Anyway, I’m home (and amazed to find that the house is actually in better shape than I left it–DH even made the bed–did hell freeze over while I was out of town?)  Tomorrow’s my time to do some catch up on both sleep and work, and then make the grand master list of all the changes I need to make to my class to accommodate the new text book.   Time to pass out.

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  1. I hate it when people are allowed to bore you without the bonus of getting writing time out of it. Hope the progress picks up again soon!

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