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Til Death: 827

Well I finished out the scene that’s been hanging over my head.  Didn’t get squat done yesterday.  Just grading.  Lots and lots of grading.  And one of those coma like naps that’s almost impossible to wake up from.  I did have a break through thought about some of the series I have planned.  I’ve got 3 fictional towns in my fictional county and the stories set in each are of a bit different variety.  The ones in Lawley are a bit more hard boiled romantic suspense where either the hero or heroine (sometimes both) are somehow involved in law enforcement or the legal process somewhere along the line.  The pros you’d expect to get embroiled in some kind of mystery.  The stories set in Sanity (yes, Sanity) are going to be my cozy series about Lorelei McIlhenney, who is not in any way, shape, or form a pro.  Total amateur sleuth.  This series is very likely to be in first person (though I haven’t made up my mind), but definitely limited POV and more mystery than suspense.  I’ve been struggling with how to differentiate my Cadence Creek stories.  Pot calls them Dark Mitford, which amuses the hell out of me.  I came up with a tagline the other day: Welcome to Cadence Creek–A Nice Place To Die.  I figured out today that these will be the semi-pro sleuths–more hard boiled than a cozy but not the typical law enforcement players doing the solving.  So that’s my thoughts for the day.

We finished our Buffyfest finally.  I was mostly okay with the ending–at least Spike got to go out with a bang.  I never foresaw a happy ever after for he and Buffy, though I really loved what they did with that.  The only part I really took issue with was that they killed Anya.  That seemed unnecessary–probably because I am a sappy romantic and really hoped that she and Xander could get back together.  I loved how they turned the tide and gave the power to all the potential slayers.  So moving on to something else to entertain us until the fall line up begins, we’re picking up Burn Notice. I just watched the first episode, and I’m already hooked.  Lots of amusing snark.

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