A Place For Faces

One of the habits I picked up from Pot somewhere along the way, one which I know a lot of other authors share, is the fact that I like to find a face for my characters.  An actual picture of someone who looks like each of my main cast members.  Some people pop into my head immediately.  Usually actors or actresses I’ve seen in one thing or the other.  Isla Fisher was always my face for Marin–love the smile.  Wyatt had been giving me trouble.  Originally I’d picked Gerard Butler because, hey, what’s not to love.  But that was in the very first incarnation of this story (I’m currently on version 3.0), he was a sort of grizzled, gruff PI.  Now that I’ve changed his character up, that face doesn’t fit my mental image anymore.  I’ve trolled through google images, IMDB, MSN image search, New Faces, and a few others.  Mostly I just couldn’t think of anybody.  This morning I happened to stumble across All-Pictures.org, which seems to be a massive database of pictures of celebrities.  You can search if you know someone specifically or you can browse via actors or actresses.  There are certainly oodles of them I’ve never seen or heard of.  Plenty of faces to choose from.  I did wind up finding Wyatt’s face–Ben Browder.  It’s totally the eyes.  And the snark.  And the fact that he’s originally from Memphis, which is just up the road from where Wyatt was born and grew up.  So now my entire cast has faces (well I should probably still find a face for Nanna–she may simply be Paula Deen).

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