Daily Progress Report

I didn’t get very much done today.  I wound up expanding on one scene, then mostly figured out why what I wanted to do wouldn’t work–not so much any ideas for what to do instead.  I wound up spending a large part of my day dealing with computer meltdown at work.  My Microsoft Word on my work computer is stuck in a crash loop.  I put in a ticket with ITS yesterday about it and they called this morning so sure that they had an easy fix.  So I said, “If you’re about to tell me that my normal.dot template is corrupt and that I need to delete it and restart Word so it will create a new one, I’ve already done that.”  I then proceeded to list all the OTHER things that I’ve tried.  There was a pause and she said, “You seem to know your way around computers.”  “Yes.  If I have to call and involve y’all, it’s really bad.”  On top of all of this, our Endnote Master Library has gotten somehow damaged and is presently being worked on by Endnote technicians to see if they can recover our citations.  Please dear GOD let them be able to figure it out.  That’s months of work.  So yeah, my brain was very much NOT on TD today.  I’ve plotted through the first act.  Now I need to give some serious thought to the specifics of act two.  I’ve got the overall concepts of it, and I’m eagerly awaiting Alexandra Sokoloff’s post on Second Acts on Saturday.  But right now it’s still the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle, so I guess I’ll start writing out the sorts of scenes and maybe begin to figure out the specifics on down the line.  The point is to figure out what I’m writing toward so that when I get back to the actual writing, I’ll know where I’m going.  I think it’s just that the details are going to be thinner through the middle than this first part.  And that’s okay.  I can flesh them out more as I know more.  But I need the bones.

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