Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 697

Well I couldn’t take it.  I had to start writing something.  So I rewrote the opening scene for the eighty-fifth time, finishing up Chapter One.  Zoe’s reaction to the latest incarnation went a long way toward making up for my sucktastic day at work.  I was able to use the second scene from the previous draft as it was.  I’m giving some thought to the tweaks I’ll need to do to the end of that first scene in Chapter Two as I get ready for bed.  Several of these beginning scenes are going to be adapted from the last version.  Then I’m into totally new stuff.  But I’m happy to be doing something. It feels more productive than the outline.  I’m not going to be aiming for a particular level of productivity until I’m actually finished with the outline, but at least I feel like I’m moving forward.  Time for bed.

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