Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 343

I finished up Chapter 2.  I wound up being able to use a big chunk of the previously existing scene where Wyatt was coming into town.  Yay for that.

Pot read through the first two chapters tonight and thought they worked a lot better than previous incarnations.  I take that as high praise because she’s generally a tough sell.  Tomorrow is on to the first scene where Marin and Wyatt meet.  This will be entirely new material, so I probably won’t finish that scene tomorrow.  But we’ll see.  Depends on how my time shakes out tomorrow.  I was working (at the day job) tonight until nearly 8.

I finished reading Beverly Barton’s Close Enough To Kill, which I enjoyed, despite her over-use of double names.  Got through another chapter of Dying To Be Thin.  I’m about half through with it.  Once I knock that out, I’m reading an ARC of Shiloh Walker’s The Missing, which I’ll be reviewing here around the time of its release.  I’m really looking forward to it.

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