AT LAST!  The third in Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series arrived today.  I’ve been eager to dive into the rest of the series since I finished the first two.  I ordered all of them from and have been waiting with bated breath.  So, other than the 336 words I jotted down first thing this morning before getting started on my jam packed day, I haven’t written anything else.  I’m about a hundred fifty pages in to Lover Awakened and I’m loving it.  The family invasion begins tomorrow, so I’ll probably be doing a lot of reading as the TV will be co-opted by four boys from 15-22.  Why?  Because we’re the ones who have the Wii and the Xbox 360.  The young, hip side of the family.  Lord help us all. I hit the grocery today and stocked up on snacky food for teenage boys with bottomless pits for stomachs.  I should have bought some paper plates and stuff because the dishes these guys are going to generate…  I’d rather lose myself in my books…

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