Fess Up Friday

Okay, yeah, so I’m posting late today.  I started reading Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs last night and got caught up.  Just finished it.

On the writing front, it’s been a pretty good week considering that I was consumed with getting an NIH grant out the door for the day job and grading finals for 3 classes.  I set a low goal of 2500 words for M:A this week (figured it was better to be safe after last week’s funk), and I’m already at 3185, so I’m pleased with that.  The scene I finished today gave me some trouble.  It necessitated my heroine being stupid, and I was having a hard time making her be stupid instead of going off into fluffyverse.  It still needs work, but I did make a few realizations about Marin, as well as some of the deeper reasons Wyatt’s going to get pissed off at how she’s acting.  Conflict’s the spice of fiction, right?  So good on me.

The week long family invasion begins on Sunday, so tomorrow I may or may not get time to work between a massive grocery trip, getting the house cleaned up, etc.  I get to follow up with Wyatt’s irritation and have a sniping match with Lily (the ghost), and those are always fun.

In the meantime, it’s time for bed.

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