One For The Dunce Cap

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In my general psychology class there are practice tests.  Students must take the practice test at least once (within the 1 hour time limit) in order for the graded test to be released.  I have one student who has not been getting the graded test released because he’s not getting the practice test taken in under an hour.  He just called, insisting that something is wrong with the system.  I informed him that nothing was wrong with the system, that he was not getting his practice tests taken within an hour, which I had already emailed him about twice.  He insisted he was.  So I went in and opened his attempt.  For one of them, 79 hours and some change for the attempt time.  Over 100 hours for the other.  He says “Oh, maybe this is why.  I’ve been opening it up and printing it out and going to find the answers.”  Blink.  “You have to study before you take the practice test.  Once it is open, it is open.  You can’t go look up the answers after opening it and expect to get done in an hour.”  “Oh.  I didn’t know that.”


Education is going to hell.

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