Happy Birthday To Me

Birthday candleToday is my birthday.  Unlike my husband (who prefers to forget he gets another year older and seems to have some sort of horror about turning 30 this summer), I actually like to celebrate.  I don’t have any issues with getting older (at least until I hit 40 or 50, and then we’ll see).  Hubby decided to celebrate a bit early by giving me my birthday present yesterday, as a way to cheer us up a bit after doing our taxes (let’s just say that the IRS is permanently on my shit list).  He got me  Wii Fit, which we’ve boWii Fit - Instant Fave!th been wanting for a while.  Anything to make exercise fun, right?  We both did the body test and, according to mine, I’m 30 (based on actual age–29 today–and weight, height, balance, posture, and I don’t know what all).  DH came out at 32.  It’s got yoga and balance training (my balance sucks) and aerobics and strength training.  This is much more my speed as something I can come in and do after our morning walk, while he’s in the shower.  Honestly, I am just not up to facing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred that early.

I got to start out my actual birthday by SLEEPING IN.  A whole 11 hours!  A lot of the last of it was dozing, as the neighbor’s dog began her usual incessant barking, but I got so stay in for long, luxurious cuddles.  Then we got up, hubby made my tea, and I get control of the remote to indulge in watching the Food Network.  I have no emails from any of my students.  All Sundays should be so fabulous.

This afternoon we’re headed over to my in law’s for my birthday dinner.  All my personal favorites.  My MIL’s fabulous chili, baked potatoes stuffed with keilbasa sausage and cheese, and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  What?  No birthday cake? you say.  Here’s the thing–I don’t like birthday cake all that much.   Cake was never my mom’s strong suit.  She is, however, great at pies and cobblers, so I usually choose a birthday pie or cobbler.  You can totally put candles in cobbler.  Today is the day I don’t worry about my diet (though I am, for the record, down 8.5 pounds since the first of the year–yay me).   My only other plan for the day is to do a little picking up and finish the curtains I started making for the bathroom week before last.  They’re pinned, I just need to actually sew them.

If my brain decides to engage, I need to do some work on my Act 2 second half outline to knock it out before the check in at Mission: Accountability tomorrow.  I had intended to get that part done so that I could focus on Act 3 this coming week and get started writing at the beginning of March.  But I wound up doing some of both of those acts this week.  I’m not sure if I’ll finish the outline this coming week or not.  My mom is having knee surgery on Thursday, and then from mid Friday through late Saturday I’m tied up with wedding festivities for one of my best friends.  Then it will be back to Mom’s to help out.  So we’ll see how it shakes out.

In the meantime I’m going to continue to enjoy my puppy cuddles.

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