Must Read Novella by Kerry Allen

I got my belly laugh for the day yesterday after reading Kerry Allen’s blog post that One hero doesn’t fit all.  It’s a real laugh riot so go check it out.  Anyway, I’d never heard of Kerry before and immediately hopped over to Amazon to find out what she’d written.  Well that wound up being no help, as apparently she hasn’t been published yet.  But I did hop over to her website.    She was a 2008 Golden Heart finalist, so hopefully New York or whoever she’s querying will get a clue and publisher her soon.

Anyway, I hopped over to her freebie page and downloaded her novella Beyond The Darkening.  If you like paranormal romance, go download this immediately and read it.  It was a very entertaining read with engaging characters.  And at 152 pages, it can easily be read in one sitting, even by the busiest person.  I look forward to seeing more from Kerry.

2 thoughts on “Must Read Novella by Kerry Allen

    1. I appreciate anybody who can make me laugh without making their heroine or hero a bumbling airheaded idiot. Her post on RtB the other day nearly made me spew my morning tea.

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