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Well I am home from the great shopping trip!  More like the half hour zip through both used bookstores, a quick trip to Big Lots, the Dollar Tree, and a ridiculous amount of time spent hanging curtains for my mother.  I found some of what was on my list, one that has been on my list FOREVER, and am simply going to have to order a couple of things because I didn’t have time to make it to Books A Million or Barnes and Noble.

Without further ado, I got:

  • Shana Abe’s The Smoke Thief, which has been on my to buy list for at least a year now.  I’ve got the two books following it that I borrowed from a friend, but she hasn’t been able to find the first one.  So yay there.
  • Heather Graham’s The Death Dealer, which seems to be the sequel to The Dead Room, which I read earlier this year.  I finally get to see Joe get the girl.
  • Marjorie M. Liu’s Tiger Eye, which was on the list, so pleased about that.
  • Christina Dodds Touch of Darkness, also on the list.  I almost bought the other two following it, but ran out of credit from my trade in’s and didn’t want to go over my self imposed budget of $10 on new books.
  • Lynn Viehl’s Private Demon.  So now I have 2-6, but I still haven’t found the first one, so I’m just going to go ahead and order it.
  • Eileen Wilks’ Blood Lines, which I’d not heard of before, but it looked interesting.  FBI, werewolf, demons…what’s not to like?
  • Katie Macalister’s Just One Sip (which also includes novellas by Jennifer Ashley and Minda Webber)

So that’s it.  That’s my haul (well the non-cooking related stuff–I also found a fantastic deal on coconut milk, basmati rice, and sun dried tomato oil).  I consider it a benefit that I did not add as many to my TBR pile as I turned in, so that’s something.  I also need to order a copy of Passion Unleashed.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to finish Desire Unchained this weekend between finishing my words for the week (hopefully tomorrow before getting tied up with Easter family stuff on Sunday).

2 thoughts on “Bookstore Booty

  1. Some of my favorites on that list!

    Abe’s dragon books are the only historicals I read, and the only description-heavy text that doesn’t make my eyes glaze over from boredom. The Smoke Thief is my favorite so far because she didn’t neuter Zane to make him an honorable hero—she left him a THIEF.

    Liu is something different in the genre. She does things you’re not supposed to do, and they work. And her settings are immersive. When she takes you to China or Russia or Africa, you’re THERE.

    I think I already squeed about Viehl.

    That Wilks book is also excellent. I and many others have compared it favorably with J.D. Robb, except with werewolves. The series is set up different from the nor. The first two books have the same H&H, and then it shifts to another couple for the next two, I believe. I still have 3 and 4 gathering dust in my TBR pile.

    Argh! I need more time to read!

  2. I didn’t even realize that the Abe books were historicals until I picked up the first one and saw something about it winning some award in that category. But I’m still excited.

    That’s recently become a gripe of mine–when the back cover blurb doesn’t hold any clues that it is a historical. There was another werewolf book I picked up by Susan Krinard that I was SO disappointed to find out was a historical. I was expecting modern cowboys. The book was fine for what it was, it just wasn’t what I was expecting when I bought it.

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