Tiger Eye and More Book Love

I just finished reading Marjorie M. Liu’s Tiger Eye, which I tore through in two days (quite a feat given my busy schedule).  Thank you Pot, for your recommendation.  I finished it at 10:04 last night, and at approximately 10:09, I’d ordered the next 3 from Amazon.

What I really loved about this book was that despite the abbreviated timeline, Liu sold it. I absolutely believed that Dela was in love with Hari in 48 hours–that he would lay down his life for her, and not because of the curse.  She wrote engaging, fantastic, but believable characters that made me laugh and choke up.  And of course Hari hit all the right buttons with me in terms of what I love in a hero–noble of action, gentle when called for, fierce when necessary–and it doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy as all get out.  He’s larger than life, but not in a ridiculous or unbelievable way (naturally, I fully believe that seven-foot tiger shifters pop out of cursed puzzle boxes in real life 😀 ).  And Dela struck just the right balance between being strong and willful but still allowing Hari to take care of her.  The supporting cast was entertaining and loyal, and I look forward to their books as well.

Of course, now I’m itching to do some work on another shapeshifter novel (besides the current project).  I’m thinking of re-envisioning my very first novel (from back in the dark ages when I was about 15) into an adult piece.  It was about hsapeshifters.  I’ve always had a thing for them.  Why, I’m not entirely sure.  I’ve loved them far longer than I cared what was sexy, so that’s not it (though of course it doesn’t hurt!).  I think it has to do with them being the bridge to the uncivilized, the wild.  They have this animal side and they glory in it.  And then there’s the fact that they turn into these powerful, amazing animals–which is just darn cool.

But, I’m moving along pretty well finally on Hunted in Shadow, so I’ll be a good girl, add my notes to the Tangent Notebook, and come back to it later.

In the meantime, I’m starting Passion Unleashed to find out Wraith’s story.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Eye and More Book Love

  1. Hmmmmmmmm…..methinks I’ll have to put Liu higher up on my priority reading. 😉 Thanks for your thoughts Kait!

    1. Oh do! I really like her voice. I’ve heard some say the more recent books aren’t quite as fun, but I haven’t gotten that far. The second dirk and Steele arrived this morning, and I’ve already started it.

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