Romance University: R U Ready?

Forgive my lack of postiness.  I have been tied up busy with things like laying a new bathroom floor, building a flowerbed, and frantically updating my CV for a possible freelance copyediting job.  It hasn’t left me with anything interesting to say here. The floors, by the way, look great–pictures forthcoming once we finish the area around the toilet and get the shoe mold down.  My flowerbed still needs dirt.  And my CV is finally up to date.

Since I am still without a scintillating topic of conversation, I shall swipe a link from C.J. Redwine’s blog and introduce you to the newly launched Romance University.  They say it better than I can.  From their website:

Romance University’s (RU) Purpose

Dedicated to providing resources for writers that will help build their careers and hone their craft, establishing a place where readers can learn more about their favorite authors, and opening a window into the male psyche.

Monday: Crafting Your Career

Most writers begin writing because they love the process–using just the right word, crafting the perfect sentence, giving life to imaginary people. However satisfying the writing process, many writers begin to want more. The want people to read about and love those imaginary folks. Okay–they want people to pay to read about those imaginary folks. Join us each Monday at RU where we’ll discuss the business of writing or career topic. Visiting Professors (guest bloggers) often stop by the school to offer advice.

Wednesday: Anatomy of the Male Mind

We ladies all want the answer to the forbidden question. The one lurking, unfulfilled, through the intricate maze that constitutes the male mind. Finally, we breathe deep and ask, “What’s he thinking?” Join us on Wednesdays to see if we can answer this question and more.

Friday: Chaos Theory of Writing

On Fridays, RU Faculty along with industry professionals and established authors will focus on the elements of manuscript writing. Tips to help you hone your craft and write a damn fine book. After all, it will be your writing that will catch (and retain) the interest of a lucky agent or editor.We’ll tap into our own experiences, share what’s working and what isn’t as we chase our dreams of becoming published authors.  We’ll also discuss advice from our favorite writing reference books and websites. So join us each Friday to experience the chaos of writing.

I know I look forward to checking out their lessons.

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