Life Lessons

So I’m in Vicksburg this weekend for annual training for work.  I’m part of the Research and Development side, so I’m part of the team that actually wrote the training.  I have to be here anyway.  It’s usually pretty dull, but I had my laptop and a book, so things haven’t been too bad other […]

Getting Ready To Be Left Behind And Loving It

The fabulous Lynn Viehl, Paperback Writer, each year does an awesome online blog conference for those of us not going to  RWA (either because we don’t want to, can’t afford it, won’t fit our schedules, or whatever).  Not only does she always write a series of fabulous and informative posts herself, but she links to […]

Boredom, Thoughts On Writing Love Scenes, and Some Random Linkage

It’s Monday.  I’ve already been to staff meeting, fielded questions from my frustrated boss whom tech upgraded to Office 2007 a couple of weeks back (she now can’t find anything), zipped through my bloglines, posted my goals on Mission:Accountability, written a hundred words or so on the love scene that will drag on for a […]

Archetype: The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology

As you all know, I love sharing links to handy dandy resources.  Given my previous jaunts in romantic suspense, I’ve accrued quite a few related to cops/crime/FBI sorts of things.  Today I stumbled across another site that I just had to share.  Archetype touts itself as The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology.  From their site: […]

Romance University: R U Ready?

Forgive my lack of postiness.  I have been tied up busy with things like laying a new bathroom floor, building a flowerbed, and frantically updating my CV for a possible freelance copyediting job.  It hasn’t left me with anything interesting to say here. The floors, by the way, look great–pictures forthcoming once we finish the […]

Free Resources: MIT Open Courseware

As promised after yesterday’s post about Open University, I’m following up by talking about the other great Freebie link I found from PBW the other day: MIT’s Open Courseware.  Now I’m not sure that this is quite as handy dandy as Open University, but the breadth of courses available is amazing.  Under anthropology I found […]

Free Resources: Open University

I swiped this link from Lynn Viehl over at PBW (as she always has wonderful and fabulous resources).  It was part of one of her Ten For Free posts that she actually referenced on her Genreality post the other day.   Writers spent thousands each year on conferences and classes and retreats.  As I’m one […]