The Demon’s Lexicon: Buy It!

Okay so I totally spaced on posting this morning.  It’s been a really stressful day at the Evil Day Job.  I’m on a hideous deadline and having computer problems.  But I’m taking a little break to write this.

Tuesday, June 2nd is a hugely important day.  Why you ask?

Because my dear friend Sarah Rees Brennan, one of the most hilarious people I have ever met, has her very first fantastic book coming out.  The Demon’s Lexicon is a young adult novel about a pair of demon slayer brothers.  While aimed at YA audiences, having read scads of Sarah’s past work (we’ve known each other since meeting a decade ago in a writer’s group that was part of L.J. Smith’s biggest fanclub The Nightworld), her voice and story will appeal to all ages.

I have lots of writer friends online, published and not, but this is the first friend I’ve known in person from the beginning, and I’m so so excited to see her succeed because she’s incredibly, uber talented.  I actually get to say “I knew her when…” with a full fangirl squee.

So go forth and buy The Demon’s Lexicon, ASAP!

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