Thank You Kerry Allen

There are many things I love about the internet.  Not the least of which is all the fabulous and wonderful writer pals I have made through blogs and groups and twitter.  These are especially dear to me since I am fairly isolated in my present location and most of my friends have or are going to be moving away.  (So will we in a few more years, so save the pity tears).

I’ve had a truly heinous and horrible week at work, fraught with technical meltdowns of the–well, not quite THE worst (that would involve complete physical meltdown of CPU such that no data of any kind can be retrieved)–really awful kind.  It resulted in hours of overtime, wasted work, headaches, and my first ever missed deadline for the Evil Day Job.  Really, it was almost enough to turn me off computers.  Okay not really…

I had a whole panel of cheerleaders and helpers on Twitter, helping me find tutorials and web articles on how to do the stuff I was trying to do, and making efforts to save my rapidly dwindling sanity.  Thanks to all of you–you know who you are.

Thanks most especially to Kerry Allen, who wrote Pirpires of the Cacaobean: Curse of the Peanut Butter Cup (Part1) and kindly dedicated it to me.   Roaringly funny, as always, she provided a much needed belly laugh.  Go read and be vastly entertained.

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