I had grand plans–okay not so grand, really.  But I had intended to knock out my last 700 words for the week on, logically, my current WIP.   Between some copy editing work, household chores, and much needed reading.  Straight forward enough.

But do I do that?

Of course not.

My brain got hijacked by new characters on Friday.  By last night I’d spewed out an entire first act outline.  I created a yWriter file to start plotting this thing out, and I’ve already got the first 8 scenes planned in what appears to be a legitimate novella.  Ironic, when I just posted yesterday about the other shorts I was considering offering as freebies on my blog because I couldn’t think of a novella plot that didn’t expand into a full novel.  These characters and their circumstances prove that Conall isn’t the only one in his world who’s a human sympathizer–and it always causes problems.

I’m trying to spew everything into a plot file to get it out of my system.  I am not allowed to go off and write the thing.  No sirree.  Not going to abandon my current WIP.  Going to be a good girl :said while shifting eyes stealthily to this other story here on the side:

No!  No!  I’m sticking to my diet and I’m going to stick to my plan.  Finish the first draft of HiS before starting to write on any new projects.  Plotting on other projects is allowed so I don’t forget the ideas, but no writing.

In other news, the chores are mostly done, laundry’s put away, and I still have the copy editing work to do.  But Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angels is calling my name.  She does such a beautiful job painting with words it makes me cringe at the first draft suckage that I’m working on right now.  I have to keep reminding myself that this book is different from the previous zillion in that I am not polishing as I go.  I’m pushing through, pushing forward, just trying to get the first draft out, with plans to revise and pretty it up later.  Not like I’m going to quit or anything, but I definitely want to ignore everything to finish her book.  Dru could totally be Sam or Dean Winchester’s little sister or cousin or something.  This book is absolutely slaking my craving for Supernatural. So yeah, I’m thinking maybe more tea, and an hour of Strange Angels before doing real work.

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