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It is no secret that I am not fond of my primary Evil Day Job.  This is primarily because my boss drives me bat shit crazy.  I have some issues with my supplementary teaching jobs, but for the most part, I enjoy teaching.  The great irony of this is that when I finished graduate school and applied for various positions, I took the one that I was offered here, and TWO DAYS LATER, the department head of the psych department where I earned my Masters degree calls me up and offers me a full time teaching position.  At that time I had no notion of whether I would like teaching or not, and I’d JUST accepted this other job, so I politely declined.

Fast forward to today, when I send an email to same department head.  I wanted to confirm with him that he was okay with my choice of which course to develop next and find out when the deadline for proposal is for spring semester.  I also mentioned in a probably deceptively casual aside that I realized that I had turned down the offer of a full time position when offered it before, but that my circumstances had changed, and I wanted to express my interest in a full time teaching position should one become available.

So department head emails me back.  He’s perfectly happy with the course I want to develop next (Theories of Personality) and is going to go ahead and put me down to teach that in the spring AND abnormal again, if I want.  Oh, I want.  Two sections at the higher pay rate of a full university as opposed to the community college would totally help replenish our savings.  He also said that the department is currently understaffed, and he’s put in a request to the Powers That Be for two full time instructors.  And should that request be approved, he’ll be in touch.  I was the top of my graduate class, and they really wanted me before, so I think I stand a very good shot at getting offered the position if it is approved.  It’s the same rate of pay I have at my current EDJ, and it is still with the university, so I don’t lose any of my leave time or major medical (which is very relevant, as we’re looking at starting a family in two years).  It likely wouldn’t be exclusively online classes, which means I have to get over my fear of podiums (and yeah, it’s totally podiums and not actually public speaking–if I can sit down, I’m fine), but either way it would be an improvement over my current situation and more what I want to do for a day job when I’m not writing.

4 thoughts on “Possible Good News

  1. Huzzah! I hope it works out for you.

    I’ve been lurking the last little bit, but I wanted to tell you how much I’ve appreciated the pantser to plotter posts, the software posts, the links to Larry Brooks et al, and, well, all the newbie advice you’ve put out there. It really helps so much, and I often read without saying anything. Anyway, this seemed like a good time to change that and say: hey, I really appreciate all that you’re doing. Cheers, and thanks for that.


    1. Thanks! It’s always nice to hear from lurkers 😀 I’m thrilled to know I’ve offered up some helpful stuff.

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