I’m Going To Bed Early

I’m not sure what it is about that phrase, but every time I declare it, even when I manage to actually get my fanny in bed at a reasonable hour, I don’t go to sleep.  Instead it’s like my brain jumps into overdrive and inevitably comes up with some important plot thing that must be written down lest I forget it by morning.  Which, depending on the length of said idea, either necessitates turning on the light and frantically jotting myself notes on the pad I keep on the nightstand or–like last night–actually dragging myself out of bed to the laptop to type up the idea and email it to Pot for posterity.

In this particular case, the idea related to how to really pump up my first plot point and make it sing.  Pot thought it was a good idea, so I’m glad I wrote it down.

I ultimately had a nice productive writing session last night after a lot of  procrastination.  1306.  A totally full scene that I’m actually pretty happy with.  That on top of the big breakthrough with the trials, and I call yesterday a really good day.

But geez, I’m tired.  I’ve got about 400 words to go to make my weekly goal, and hopefully I’ll feel better later on today and can knock those out.  To be honest, I’m feeling kind of queasy and may take the rest of the day of and rest.  No, I’m not pregnant.  I just need sleep.  And a truckload of Midol.

One thought on “I’m Going To Bed Early

  1. That happens to me ALL the time. I struggle with insomnia so much I regularly take Melatonin at night, which of course would be counter productive to great plot ideas that might hit, LOL

    However, being a mom, having nursed all four of my boys, going without sleep becomes a learned talent!

    Try to catch a cat nap. Can’t wait to read HiS when it’s done!

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