Cleaning Spree

So I faked sick yesterday afternoon and came home to clean my office.  My husband declared that was the worst reason he’d ever heard of to skip out on work, but as I pointed out, it’s needed doing and I didn’t want to waste my WEEKEND working on it.  I hauled everything out of the closet and reorganized.  Came up with 3 large boxes of stuff JUST from that room for the garage sale.  I found about ten rolls of undeveloped film from who knows what.  I guess we’ll find out when I get them developed.  I stumbled upon a Coldplay CD I’d borrowed from a friend of mine like seven years ago and replaced because I couldn’t find it.  I found $25 in Ruby Tuesday gift certificates, probably from a past Christmas present.  No expiration date, so I think we’re having dinner out this weekend.  I even found the original applications for the high school writing guild a friend and I started back in 10th grade–what?–14 years ago?

I made a home for my motorcycle luggage, hid the Christmas presents (though really, none of them are for hubby yet, so I’m more getting them out of the way than hiding them), culled a bunch of clothes, cleaned out under the bed…  I tossed a full 35 gallon trash bag’s worth of stuff into the garbage.  I hung  a pair of candle sconces that have been living on my desk for who knows how long, as well as a couple of coat hooks (which we were in dire need of).  I managed to clear enough space to set up a permanent location for my light tent on the desk (which is a big woo).  I sorted and filed the massive pile of paid bills that had accumulated and shredded the previous year’s batch.  Apparently the last time I did that was in March.  All in all, I feel very productive and happy with my day.  Wish I had tomorrow off to tackle the other closets…

I’m jazzed.  I feel good clearing things out.  Over the weekend I plan to tackle the bedroom and the scary under bed region there, as well as the hall closet, and the kitchen stuff.  Then there’s the dreaded dark realm that is my husband’s office.  I’m going to try to browbeat him into going through it this weekend too.  We’ll see how successful I am.  The only area I don’t plan to tackle is the attic.  It’s not cold enough to mess with that.  Maybe at Christmas when we haul everything down for the holidays I’ll go through and toss unnecessary stuff.

With luck the rain is over for a while and things will dry out.  We need to get the flowerbeds weeded, the yard mowed, a bunch of stuff currently in the garage relocated to the shed, and really, I’d like to hose off the front porch and back stoop because there are muddy foot and pawprints everywhere.  Not to mention all over the floors inside. Those will be getting a thorough cleaning as well.

In other exciting news (really only exciting to me, I’m sure), my missing earring turned up.  I have this favorite pair of celtic knot earrings that my husband bought me several years ago on a vacation.  I wear them every day and about two months ago, I lost one.  I happened to mention them yesterday to my coworker during lunch and she said “Oh I think it’s at the reception desk.”  And it was!  I’m very happy.  Really ought to buy some of those little back thingies for French hook earrings to prevent this from happening again.

Now send me good vibes and maybe I’ll actually knock out this lecture on Jung that I abanonded yesterday in my cleaning fit.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Spree

  1. Great way to spend a sick day! As a working mom and impassioned writer, I can relate to the need to steal a few hours occasionally to organize the surroundings. Feels good, eh?
    Best in writing,
    Donna Carrick

  2. Your detailed clean out was inspiring. You can never know what you’ll find when you clean out.
    Glad you found your earring. I know how important it is to have something that was a gift from the husband.

    Here’s a link to my post about cleaning out:

    Have a refreshing day and good luck this weekend on the rest of your organization.
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance
    Be Refreshed!

  3. Soooo impressed with you! You have inspired me, well, that and the guilt is huge now. My basement/bedroom/library/study/writing room hasn’t had a going over in weeks now, and I need to do the under the bed thing, clear the desks thing, dust the books and put away everything thing. This weekend will have to be a mashup of cleaning, writing, studying and reading more of a manuscript I got this week . . .

    Sending you oodles of cleaning encouragement vibes!

  4. The urge to clean must be going around. I’m currently doing the same at my house, a little at a time (which is all I can manage). It helps that I’m getting a new desk and bookshelves, so I was kind of forced to clean in certain areas as we’ve moved stuff. Which just inspires me to clean up more stuff. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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    Friday’s #s: 405


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