Thoughtless Thursday: Office Party Favorites

Since I’m still playing catch up, I decided to do a quick round up of crock pot recipes I’ve featured here that work well for office parties.

By far the number one favorite is Taco Soup.  I even got this recipe from an office party years ago.  I made it today for MY office party!

My hubby’s favorite to take to his office parties is our Cream Cheese Sausage Dip.  It can be done in a small crock pot or in a baking dish in the microwave.

Also a popular dip is my lightened up Sausage Dip.  Again, you see it here in a baking dish, but it can be done in the crock pot.

And while this is not a crock pot dish, it’s a big party fave: 7 Layer Dip.

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