I had a post.  A nice lovely, heart-wrenching post about how much I miss Scotland (I’ve been watching Monarch of the Glen while I work out).  But WordPress ate it.  And I don’t have time to duplicate it.  Poo on you WordPress.

In other news, I have finished updating all the recipe posts over at Pots and Plots with printable versions.   So no more getting 4 pages of sidebar when you try to print something.  Phase 2 is to gradually get things entered at to start doing menu planning.

A big thank you to Naddycat, who solved the mystery for me of why the heck Charlie Francis was on the latest episode of Fringe when we saw the shapeshifter toss him in the hospital incinerator.  Apparently the latest episode was a random out of order one from Season 1.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Kansas City to meet my new nephew, visit with my niece and get in some good girl time with their mama.  I am likely to be internet dark until sometime next week.  I’ll be endeavoring to work on the novella some more.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and send me some stay awake vibes (I’m fading fast at my desk here).

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