Leave It To The Pros

When one cannot actually murder one’s boss (who puts one up for promotion without checking the requirements and who has not actually rated one high enough for 2 out of 3 necessary evaluations in order to be promotable because she does not actually value one’s service and capabilities), doing so on paper is the next best thing.  Can’t be arrested for that.  The next best thing after that is just straight up distraction.  I’ve been going back and forth with my cover artist about the cover for Forsaken By Shadow.  The first round was a series where she did exactly what I said I wanted–a cleaned up, much better executed version of what I myself had done before.  And I just decided it didn’t work for me.  Not her fault.  I didn’t like my own vision anymore.  So I had her go back to the metaphorical drawing board and said “Play”.   I did go through to find a few images of women who reminded me of my heroine, but otherwise, I gave her free rein.

Clearly I should have let her have free rein in the beginning.  I am a creative woman both on the page and in the kitchen.  But graphic design is not my strong suit.  Brenna does not have my limitations.  So I narrowed the 9 or 10 comps down to 2, made a few requests, picked a few fonts, and then we’ll see what happens with round 3.  I am very excited.  It’s nice to feel jazzed up about something after the week I’ve had.  I need an injection of creativity (even if it isn’t my own) to get started on the opening scenes for Revelation (which I haven’t managed to touch all week because I’ve been too busy plotting out The Southern Girl’s Guide To How To Hide A Body…which may be a little too close to reality to ever actually write…Besides, my buddy who suggested that title has decided to use it herself, more’s the pity.)  I’m not focused on it AT ALL, and I don’t have a clear idea of the hero’s voice yet (which is who we open with).  Maybe I’ll come up with something tonight.

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