So according to Smashwords, Forsaken By Shadow has shipped to the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Sony.  Naturally, it hasn’t actually shown up yet at any of those sites.  Well, I don’t know about the iBookstore since I don’t know anybody with the money to actually buy an iPad just now.  And since they’re all lame and exclusive and won’t even let you browse online…  No, I’m not bitter.  :eyeroll:

Sales are trickling a long.  Amazon has definitely been the source of the bulk of purchases.  Not a shock.  It’s a huge vendor.  It’d be great if they were like Scribd and Smashwords in that they send you an instant notification email when someone buys.  I guess that would get annoying to people who made a lot of sales in a day.  I’m not there yet.  But I’ll get there!

I’m currently in negotiations with one last stop for my May blog tour, then I’ll have a new blog to visit EVERY DAY in May!  I need to get off my tushy and start actually writing my long list of guest blog posts.  Anybody got anything they’d like to hear about?  I think I’m about five topics shy of covering everybody.

Revelation is not going well.  I don’t know my characters yet and it shows.  I’m just fumbling along through this opening chapter.  And how sad is that?  I’ve been working on it for TWO WEEKS, and I’m still in the OPENING CHAPTER!!!  I’ll get there.  Eventually.  Perhaps not before my forehead is all black and blue from all the :headdesk: ing going on.  I exported the file from Write Way Pro this morning to send to my CP for confirmation that it was as much dreck as I thought.  And it exported in Greek.  Not wingdings.  Not other gobbledygook.  GREEK.  Which actually looked pretty cool, but since neither of us is Percy Jackson, it wasn’t what you’d call legible.  Maybe it’s a sign.

Today I’m still prepping computers for the field (I’ve got a laptop on every horizontal surface in my office at work), and I’ve got 20 more questions to knock out for the next exam in my Theories of Personality class.  The one that goes live TOMORROW.  So must finish those today.  And really gotta get the FINAL written too.  It opens in a week or so.  Maybe once finals are done my brain will clear out and function for the summer.  I’ve got to design a class, but I’m not actively teaching again until fall.

2 thoughts on “Impatience

  1. When you do your guest blogging, will you put links on your blog so we know where to find your posts on other blogs? (I’m ignorant about blog tours) If you’ll be stopping by my blog and still need a topic, I always like hearing about how other writers come up with and develop their ideas, especially when something ordinary triggers a story that is anything but. If you already have enough topics, I’ll be interested to hear whatever you have to say about anything at all, wherever you go to say it 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, I’ll be linking every day where I’ll be that day in addition to my regular post. And sure, that works as a topic and actually rounds out my list. Thanks for the suggestion!

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