YA Crossovers

I blame Pot (my crit partner, not the hallucinogen).  And Kelley Armstrong.  And Jordan Dane.  I’m sure there are others who escape my memory just now.

What am I pinning on them exactly?

The fact that a bunch of the teenagers in my Mirus world are sitting up and demanding some attention.  We have stories too! they shout.

No!  No, damn you!  You do not fit into my metaplot!

And they’re just standing there–or actually they’re slouching in that way that only petulant teenagers manage–glaring at me.  And then assorted peripheral characters or siblings of my adult characters all start talking at once.  I’d put my hands over my ears but their voices are in my head, and really, I’d like to keep the guys in white jackets at bay.  I maybe shouldn’t have admitted to that, huh?

It’s started with Rab’s sister.  Rab Coulter is the hero of Edge of Shadow.  I sat down and started work on a character sketch at lunch today–just a brief scene with him visiting his little sister Emily, who’s in boarding school for reasons I won’t mention here.  And she just jumped off the page for me.  The same way this young cheetah shifter did back in November.  Did I mention it turns out my heroine for Edge of Shadow is HER older sister?  And then there’s Derek and Clara, who are a pair of teen Wylk who have run away from an abusive pack and turn up in Hunted In Shadow (which, yeah, I know no one will ever see, but that’s where they came from).  There are probably others, but that’s who’s waving at me this afternoon.

I am in no way planning to abandon my current (and recent) change of focus, but there is a very real possibility I’ll be writing some YA spinoffs of my Mirus series.  I really DON’T see them playing a role in the metaplot of the adult series, so I’m guessing I’ll end up with their own little series set in the same world.  :headdesk:

Remind me why I can’t win the lottery so I can follow the voices in my head full time?

Speaking of Pot, that blueprint I’ve been talking about filling out? I finally prodded her to get it online.  She’s doing a series of posts explaining what it is and where stuff comes from that starts here.  Totally worth checking out.  And give the whole series of explanatory posts a try before you run screaming (it’s…intimidating).

Oh and for anybody who’s been waiting for Forsaken By Shadow to show up at the Sony eBookstore, it’s finally there.

11 thoughts on “YA Crossovers

  1. Hi! I’m dropping by via Maria’s blog block party and am very impressed. Checked out your new work (WP wouldn’t let me comment for some reason) and now I’m even more determined to score a Kindle. There is so much good work out there for reasonable prices. I like to support writers, but most ebooks stay in my computer. I like to read before bed and a big, hot, laptop isn’t conducive to relaxation! Take care, I’ll be back!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Terri (it’s not quite lunch time yet, so I haven’t done my troll by Maria’s latest links yet)! With a site called Why I Fear Clowns, I really must come visit you. Tim Curry as Pennywise :shudder: ’nuff said.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I’ve really enjoyed writing the series so far. You know I like to talk about this stuff, and I’m realizing that there’s a lot of stuff jammed in my head about it. Stuff I know and do without thinking about the why or where it came from. So it’s nice to pull it out and really look at it again.

    And I totally and think it would be fun to have some of the teen crowd making noise in your world.

  3. Kait, dear, you have to play to win. I myself am going with Powerball for the big bucks. Goodbye Evil Day Job, and hello cottage on the coast!

    Personally, I blame Twilight, but I blame Twilight for a lot of idiosyncracies lately. Seriously though, this may just be a good way for you to branch out and reach more readers! Way to go. 🙂

    1. Definitely not Twilight for me…I didn’t actually LIKE it. But I do adore YA and have been reading loads in the genre for the last year or so.

      1. From what I can tell from your character sketch, it sounds intriguing! I didn’t like Twilight either. Well, at first I was amused because I love vampires, but Bella pissed me off big-time. Whiney, little bitch. Oh. Wait. Other people actually try to emulate her? Ugh…I mean, teenagers are melodramatic, but dang! That girl needs a bitch-slap like nobody’s business! I couldn’t even finish the second book (endless whining).

  4. YA spin off, score! Sounds good to me, all the other hot authors are making waves doing it you might as try it somewhere down the line too..

    I found you off Maria’ blog block party and like Terri followed the link over . I was curious to see what the blog title Shadow and Fang had to offer and I hit it big with something else to put on my wish to buy list, a copy of Forsaken By Shadow!


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